National Licorice Day Deals

National Licorice Day Deals

Celebrate one of the world’s favorite flavors of candy on National Licorice Day! Did you know that Licorice is a herb? That’s right a herb! Licorice has been used for foods and medicinally, since ancient times. Did you know how National Licorice Day came about? This special day was created by Licorice International in 2004, to promote it’s plentiful line of licorice candies.

Licorice International Offers all types of Licorice/Services Including

  • Sweet Licorice
  • Salty Licorice
  • Red Licorice
  • Sugar-Free Licorice
  • Gluten-Free Licorice
  • Kosher Licorice
  • Licorice Candy Twists
  • Licorice Gifts
  • Black Licorice from 13 Countries
  • Nationwide Delivery

Now what better way to celebrate then with a Licorice Deal!! That’s right we have a Licorice Coupon for you right here!!

Get your deal now on delicious candy!!


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