The Experience Our City Guide packed with savings, events and more are distributed directly to targeted zones in the Omaha metro, Lincoln and The Tri-Cities including Kearney, Grand-Island, Hastings and surrounding cities. Because the booklets are convenient to use, easy to keep, and help consumers save money on a variety of services and products, they’re kept longer and use more often. Advertise with Experience Our City to get your business noticed!

We are in the distribution of ads business. What that means to you as an advertiser:
Not only is your ad going out to homes through direct mail, but your ad will be blanketed digitally through social media, our faithful followers on our website, email marketing and racks in stores and businesses throughout Omaha, Lincoln and the Tri-Cities.


Our advertisers love us…

because we get them results. How do we get advertisers the best bang for their buck? By reaching every demographic through direct mail, direct email, targeted search engine optimization and social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Why Mail with us? 

Postage can get expensive. An average postcard mailed costs from $ .40 + a piece!  When you advertise with Experience Our City you are hitting consumers at as low as 1 Penny a piece.


Why choose Experience Our City? 

Options: We offer options for every budget. We aren’t a one size fits all. You choose the size of ad that works for your company’s budget.


Still Not Convinced?

Give us a call, we have plenty of people from small businesses to large that you could talk to about their results. We love to help our customers, but if you aren’t in the book it’s hard for us to help your business grow. Call today for pricing and lets start ringing your cash register. 402-333-3550

Distribution Rack Locations:

  • Most Bakers Grocery Stores in Omaha and Bellevue
  • Most Hy-Vee Grocery Stores in Omaha, Lincoln,Bellevue and Kearney
  • Most Russ’ Markets in Lincoln
  • Most Super Savers’ in Lincoln
  • Hotels all over Omaha, Lincoln
  • Local Businesses
  • New Locations coming soon for Lincoln and Tri-City area.

Call today for advertising specials! 402-333-3550!